Kline 2019 overview of the specialty excipients market


The healthcare ingredients sector is witnessing new dynamics. Novel therapies, advanced and complex technologies, and rising regulatory requirements, combined with patient compliance and consumer preference trends, are governing the market of excipients in different dosage forms of pharmaceuticals as well as in nutraceuticals. In the pharmaceutical industry, while oral solid doses will continue to be the biggest and steadily growing segment, the area attracting much interest is biologics. The surging number of biologic APIs in the pharma pipeline and their growing penetration into multiple therapies make this segment a big opportunity for the ingredient suppliers, but not one without challenges. Another segment of pharmaceuticals gaining much interest is topicals, driven by the need to overcome metabolism pathways of the gut and deliver targeted action. Interesting technological advancements are being seen in topical drug delivery, a market that continuously strives to combine the efficacy of the drug with consumer-driven trends, such as better sensory feel, aesthetic benefits, and natural claims.

This webinar includes:

  • Overview of the oral solid dose excipients market and preliminary insights on the nutraceutical excipients market

  • Focus on ingredients and excipients in biologics, including global market size by product and by process stage, supply dynamics, key trends, and outlook

  • Focus on topical excipients, including consumption by product, key regions (the U.S. and Europe), supply dynamics, key trends, and outlook

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The keys findings from the two significant excipients markets—biologics and topical excipients—will be presented by Kline's experts Shilpi Mehrotra (Project Manager of Chemicals), Ekata Sharma (Project Lead of Chemicals & Materials), and Carlos Ruiz (Project Lead Analyst of Chemicals). Attend our webinar, and don't miss the opportunity to learn more about the latest trends on the market!




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