Opportunities in Coolants: Global Market Analysis

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Introduction to speaker and topics

Due to the growing global passenger car and commercial vehicle population, consumption of coolants/antifreeze has increased. Coolant technology has evolved with a variety of additive systems and base fluids available for different performance requirements.

This study will provide a comprehensive analysis of the global coolants market, focusing on some of the most important country markets around the world.

You will learn about:

Key market developments and industry trends

Regions where growth opportunities exist

How the market is performing

The market's outlook


About the Presenter

Pooja Sharma

Project Lead in Kline's Energy/Petroleum Practice.

A go-to source of information.

  • Assess the global demand for coolants in terms of product type, additive technology, country markets, and end-use applications
  • Understand the product performance requirements for different market segments and identify opportunities for growth

Focus on competitive landscape.

  • Understand industry supply chain and the leading marketers in different country markets
  • Understand different base fluids used to manufacture coolants in key country markets and the use of recycled products
  • Understand different additive technologies in use and preferences by country markets and end-use applications
  • Understand key growth drivers and identify market opportunities and challenges

A closer look on product coverage.

  • Demand for coolants in key markets in 2016 and outlook
  • Demand by product type, additive technology, and market segment
  • Detailed profiles of key country markets
  • Supplier market share by key markets
  • Analysis of market trends, growth drivers and restraints, and regulations
  • Evaluation of market opportunities and challenges

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Date: Wednesday, May 24, 2017
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Date: Wednesday May 24, 2017
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