Opportunities and Challenges Shaping the Global Bio-lubricant Market


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Introduction to speaker and topics

Bio-lubricants is a term used to describe lubricant products that meet any of the following criteria: biodegradability, bio-sourced, or low toxicity. Bio-lubricants are generally used in environmentally sensitive applications where these features are imperative. Increasing awareness about renewable products, legislation encouraging the usage of bio-lubricants, and growth in end-use industries are driving this niche industry.

You Will Learn About:

Key market developments and industry trends

Regions where growth opportunities exist

How the market is performing

The market's outlook


About the Presenter

Naira Aslanian - Kline's Consumer Products Project ManagerSharbel Luzuriaga

Based in Prague, Dr. Sharbel Luzuriaga is a Project Manager in Kline's Energy/Petroleum Practice. Dr. Luzuriaga holds a PhD in Macromolecular Chemistry and is fluent in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Czech, and Italian.

His expertise sees him responsible for Kline's flagship energy titles including the Global Lubricant Report series, Base Oils report and many others.

Drawing upon extensive and practical experience working on behalf of a multinational oil majors, Sharbel has delivered numerous presentations internationally.

A go-to source of information.

  • Make a reliable and independent assessment of the opportunities and challenges in the bio-lubricants market
  • Assess attractiveness of different end-use industries in terms of current penetration of bio lubricants, potential growth, key growth drivers, legislative support, orientation towards bio-lubricants, and roadblocks

Focus on competitive landscape.

  • Key suppliers of bio-lubricants
  • Growth drivers and restraints and demand outlook for bio-lubricants

Closer look on product coverage

Topics covered in the study include:

  • Classification of bio-lubricants
  • Key bio-lubricants product categories and comparison with petro-lube categories
  • Pricing analysis
  • Key suppliers, their product offerings, and focus markets
  • Product developments and future trends
  • Key end-use applications
  • Growth drivers and outlook

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